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Four Comic Books You Need to Read in Your Lifetime

A lot of comic books are now invading new medium such as television and the big screen especially in the new generation. Over the last decade, it is more convenient to just watch TV or films than read everything in the comic since every week, dozens of new issues are released and that’s a thousand of issues per month.

If you are a new comic book reader, you will find it hard to know where to start because it is very rare for a reader to be able to read a single issue of Batman or The Avengers without reading the past issues.

This is precisely the reason why we have compiled a list of comic books for you to read in your lifetime because we believe that comics should fall only as a second job than a very enriching kind of hobby.

Here is a list of comic books from the original superhero books to nerve wrecking thrillers as well as autobiographical titles that will change your life.

4. Preacher (DC/Vertigo)

Vertigo has been one of the most active companies that is responsibly to have created the most daring comics (in a creative way, of course) to have hit the popular market. None of their other works have come close with Garth Ennis’ Preacher.

However, you have to be aware that this comic is brutal with themes that circulate around sex, violence and commentary on the society’s issues that is straightforward and original.

3. Sandman (DC/Vertigo)

In the 80s, comic books haven’t been accepted by the mainstream society. It was a secret tightly held by young individuals underneath their beds so that their parents will not be able to see it. However, this has changed especially when comic companies began experimenting with a number of genres making this kind of work more mature. One of the best works associated with this gradual success is Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.

Sandman has been successful in presenting the readers a complicated narrative as well as characters that are both tangible and divine. This wonderful comic book successfully talks about both humans and reality. Because of the creative mind of its author, Sandman was not anything that the audience saw before.

2. Watchmen (DC)

Because of its movie installment in 2009, Watchmen has been popular since but there is nothing like its respectable comic book. Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons released this 12-issue series at DC in 1986, and no other mainstream comic has ever been so complex, brutally straightforward and bold than Watchmen.

This masterpiece is jam-packed with tons of metaphors, symbolisms and other literary tools that circulate around a basic superhero story.

1. Maus (Pantheon Books)

This amazing comic book is not only the number one comic you need to read before you die, but it is also one of the most creative piece of artwork you will have to experience once you are able to read it.

The life of Art Spiegelman’s father who was a Jew and holocaust survivor in The Second World War, Maus portrayed the characters of its story as animals. Thus, tons of metaphors and symbolisms revolve in this very daring comic book.

Over the years, Maus has dropped the “comic book” label and is now a course curriculum in some of the colleges in the US. This is a must-read especially if you are into the world of history.

Remember to always keep your comic books safe and clean by storing them in a cool dry place in your house. If you are too busy, you can call expert house cleaners and carpet cleaning Ipswich to take care of it for you.